map Oman

Oman is divided into 8 regions (wilayat).

Musandam (Rus Al-Jibal)
Capital: Khasab
Area: 1,800 km2
Civil Population: 31,010 people (12|12|2010)
Territorial extent: Musandam is a discontiguous part of Oman, at the northern tip of the Musandam Peninsula.

Capital: A’Rustaq / Sohar
Area: 12,500 km2
Civil Population: 761,977
Origin of name: Al Batinah = belly (front or seaward side of the Western Hajar (Stone) Mountains)

Capital: Muscat
Area: 3,500 km2
Civil Population: 734,697 people (12|12|2010)

A’ Dhahirah and Buraimi
A’ Dhahirah Governorate:
Capital: Ibri
Area: 36,500 km2
Civil Population: 147,585 people (12|12|2010)
Origin of name: A’ Dhahirah = back (rear or inland side of the Western Hajar (Stone) Mountains)

Buraimi Governorate:
Capital: Buraimi
Population: 72, 443 (12|12|2010)

A’ Dakhliyah
Capital: Nizwa
Area: 31,900 km2
Civil Population: 315,266 people (12|12|2010)

A’ Sharqiyah
Capital: Sur
Area: 36,800 km2
Civil Population: 348,969 people (12|12|2010)
Origin of name: A’ Sharqiyah = eastern
Territorial extent: Ash Sharqiyah includes the islands of Masirah and Mahawt.

Al Wusta
Capital: Haima
Area: 79,700 km2
Civil Population: 32,746 people (12|12|2010)
Origin of name: Al Wusta = central

Capital: Salalah
Area: 99,300 km2
Civil Population: 249,401 people (12|12|2010) Territorial extent: Dhofar includes the Kuria Muria Islands, also known as the Halaniyat after their largest member.