A lullaby:

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نام يا حبيبي نام
أمك عند الجارة
وأبوك في الدكان

Sleep, baby, sleep
Mama’s at the neighbor's house
And your Papa’s in the shop

*They keep repeating the lullaby until the baby falls asleep.


A saying:

(You make following sound to encourage your camel to drink a lot of water.)
"Haw shrab waa waa!"
(You keep saying it until the camel has drunk enough to last a long journey.)


A story:

Once there was a fisherman who used to bring fish every day for his wife. He used to tell her to cook them and give them to the neighbors. Every time his wife complained about their living conditions, he would say: ‘God is generous’. One day, the fisherman went fishing out to sea, but the waves were high; his boat was pushed to another country. A passer by saw him and decided to take him to the ruler to tell his story.
When the fisherman woke up, he found himself besieged by the ruler’s soldiers. He did not know when and how he had reached this new land. He narrated his story to the ruler who liked him and proved to be a generous host. He also promised to return the fisherman to his home. The ruler then stated: ‘Your turban is beautiful’. In order to express his appreciation, the fisherman found his ornamented turban the only present he could offer the ruler.
When the fisherman was about to depart, the ruler wanted to offer him something in return for his previous gift. A whole ship loaded with goods was given to the fisherman in order for him to take it back home. The fisherman thanked God for the wealth he received.
After a few days sailing, the fisherman reached his home and started giving gifts to his neighbours and left only few items for his own house. His wife asked him: ‘What happened? Why are you handing over gifts?’ The fisherman replied: ‘God is Generous’, and he narrated to her what had happened.
When the fisherman’s neighbour heard about the distributed gifts, he asked his own wife to visit the fisherman’s wife and question her about how her returned husband had gotten all these gifts. His wife returned and advised her husband: ‘If this ruler gave all these gifts in return for a turban, what might he give you if you offer him more?’ The neighbour decided to pay the ruler visit after loading a ship with the best kinds of ornamented cloth, thinking that the ruler would give him jewels and gold in return.
The neighbour {finally} reached the ruler who asked: ‘Why are you offering me all this cloth?’ Hesitantly, the man replied: ‘I loved you and decided to offer you gifts. They are just presents’. The ruler felt surprised and could not find a gift more precious to his heart than the fisherman’s turban, so he gave it to the man in return for his gifts.
The neighbour returned home highly disappointed, feeling sorry for his loss and envious of what his neighbour had gained. When the fisherman visited him to ask him about his whereabouts, the neighbour declared: ‘I have lost all my money’. The fisherman replied: ‘God is Generous’. In the meantime, the neighbour’s wife entered the room carrying the fisherman’s turban, and said mockingly: ‘This is what you brought with you!’ The fisherman turned his head toward the turban feeling at once happy and asked his neighbour to give him the turban. When he was about to leave, he said: ‘I told you God is generous, but you didn’t believe me’. The fisherman thanked his neighbour for returning his turban and went home very pleased.