1. Arabic 2. Translation 3. English equivalent 4. Explanation

عوير وزوير وبليس مافيه خير .1
2. Many hands burn the food
3. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
4. It means that if there are more than one person doing the same work, the result will be chaotic.


قصلي صبعي ولا تحول طبعي .1
2. It is easier to cut off my finger than to change my nature.
3. A leopard cannot change its spots
4. Its hard to change your habits.




Once upon a time there was a man who traveled, but before leaving he said to his wife, “Don’t give away any items from our home.” She replied, “I will not give anything away, by God’s will.”
So off the man traveled by boat.  Soon, trouble struck and his boat sank. He dived away from the sinking vessel, then kept on swimming and swimming.
Meanwhile, an old lady had come to his wife and asked her for a piece of cloth to repair a torn dress. But the wife replied, “No, my husband said I may not give away anything from our house." The old lady begged again, “Please help me, give me just one piece of cloth.” So, the wife opened her Mandoos chest and gave the old lady a piece of cloth.
At the same time, the man was still swimming. A huge shark had found him and was trying to swallow him whole. Then something happened. The shark suddenly turned and left. The piece of cloth that his wife had given to the old women protected him from being eaten. He was saved.
Eventually, the man came back home. When he met his wife he asked her, “Tell me, what did you give away, what is missing from our home?” She replied, “Nothing, you prevented me from giving others our belongings.” He looked at her and said, “No, you gave someone something. Tell me.” The wife answered, “Well, it was just a piece of cloth, I gave it to a poor old women.” The man smiled, “That piece of cloth saved me. Without it I would never have returned to our home. Your act of kindness allowed me to survive.”
After that the man asked his wife to give people things from their house everyday, from early morning until the sun set.