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He greeted me and I replied to his greeting

Welcome by whom took me on a lightning and thundering night*

Welcome by whom offered rice and lamb at my wedding night

Welcome by whom made me forget everything even my parents

* This poem describes a woman's reflection on meeting her husband and her feelings for him following their wedding. It relates an Omani tradition that following the wedding night (typically Thursday night) which is the middle of the Omani Thursday/ Friday weekend) the groom takes the bride to her family homes to visit them for the first time as a married woman.



*1. Arabic 2. Translation 3. English equivalent 4. Explanation

جاء يكحلها عماها .1
2. He wanted to embellish it but ended up ruining it.
3. Add fuel to fire
4. It is said when someone tries to make something better but ends up making everything worse


خبر الشر طيا .1
2. Bad news travels fast.
3. News about accidents and illnesses spread quickly more than good news.


إن تعاونت ما ذلت .1
2. Many hands ease the heavy burden.
3. Many hands make light work
4. Sharing work makes work easier.


من كبر اللقمة غص .1
2. Grasp all, lose all.
4. Greedy people end up with nothing.


The Frog Demon and the Woman of the Falaj

This tale, not sadness is for you. There once was a woman, who used to swim in a nearby falaj. One day she saw a frog swimming with difficulty. It seemed to her that the frog was pregnant.
The woman spoke to the struggling animal, “Dear frog, please, when you feel the pains of childbirth come knock at my door. I promise, I will come and help you.” The woman did not realize that this frog was from the world of demons.
Many days later when the frog finally went into labor, she asked some of her relatives to go bring the woman and ask her to come as she had promised.
When the relatives arrived that night they asked the woman to come help with a birth. But the woman could not remember her promising to help with a birth. The visitors asked again, reassuring the woman that she would be safe. 
So, she went with the relatives that the night and together they removed a big rock blocking the entrance to a cave. They entered that place together and she arrived at the side of the frog, which had changed into a young lady.
The woman helped the young lady through her childbirth. Finally when the birth was over, as mother and child nestled in sleep, the relatives thanked her and gave her some plain pieces of paper. “Keep them.” They told her.
Then the woman returned to her home and lay down exhausted from such a strange and tiring day, putting the paper carefully beside her bed. In the morning she awoke wondering if it had all been a dream only to find that the paper pieces beside her bed had turned into gold. The tale has ended and twisted the bed’s ropes.