Riddles from Nizwa:

خاطف الجدار الجدار، وشال طرف نار، وش هو؟ (الديك)

He walks on the walls holding fire, what's that?
(A rooster)

*fair: A rooster’s tail usually has a fiery feather which distinguishes it from hens.




بنينا بيت بلا قفل ولا مفتاح، وش هو؟ (القبر)

We built a house without a lock or key, what is it?
(A grave)



سدره مسندره، وعروقها فالبندره، نفاضها واحد، ورقاطها من سبعه، وش هو؟ (المعلم)
A huge buckthorn tree, its roots are in Bandarah* deeply underground, one person shakes it but seven others eat from it, what is it?

*- a name of place



حرقص برقص، قدام بيتنا وقدام بيتكم يرقص يرقص، وش هو؟ (المطر)
Horqes Burqes, dancing…dancing in front of our house and yours, what is it?

*Note: Horqes and Borges rhyme with Yurqus… Yurqus which means dancing… dancing




A counting song:

الحميمه الحميمه ع الوادي
نرقط حصى ونعقه ف الوادي
يا ليت خالي اليوم صاح الصايح
بنتعنا اليوم هب الرايح
سقطي يووووو الرويحه

Alhemaimah… Alhemaimah* in the valley
We pick up some stones and throw them
Today, I hope my uncle start shouting, the known sound of screaming
O Rewaha* get down


*Alhemaimah and Rewaha are vocables or words that have no exact meaning.





بيت الطين ما يخلى من الطحين -

A clay house is never empty of flour.

* Every house has to have at least one thing, no matter how poor their owners are.


يا غريب كون أديب-

Oh stranger, be polite.

* a stranger must behave well.


يا غريب كون ذيب

Oh stranger, be a wolf.

* a stranger must be ferocious lest he be attacked.


زاد الطين بله -

* It means ‘to complicate the situation’, or add fuel to the fire, or add yeast to the brew.



    Bahala Song:


    الكبش هبرته، دمعي فضحني، والقليب صبرته –

    I fed the ram, my tears uncovered me, and I tried to be patient.


    رايحه أصلي العصر، وانسيت ما صليت، واذكرت فرد الأهل، واعبرت وانهليت –

    I went to pray the noon prayer but forgot; I remembered my relatives and started crying.


    طالب على حبيبي طلبة عسره، فالقيض غيضه، وغرز الشتاء بسره –

    I've asked my darling a difficult task. I've asked him to bring 'Gaidhah' in the summer and an unripe dates in winter.


    سقاك الله يا صرم العراقي، تشرشح وانتشح ورقطه الساقي –

    Oh, Iraqi palm tree, God will irrigate you. It grows, fruitfully, and then falls down on the farmer.