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Al Sharqiyah could be considered the most visually vibrant and influential region in Oman. Dress practices from here have spread throughout the Sultanate. A key factor in Al Sharqiyah’s influence on the style of dress across Oman is the Ibra women’s (only) market. According to local women the market in its current form began around 1992 and has steadily grown in popularity with women from neighboring cities (Nizwa, Bahla, Barka and Dukum). Many make the dawn trip on a Wednesday to shop for new garments hand-made by Al Sharqiyah locals and enjoy the women’s-only hustle and bustle of the interior’s busiest market place. The women of Al Sharqiyah talk of three main variations of dress in the region, however it should be noted that these are not rigid dress styles excluding other dress practices. There is a clear interweaving of styles due in part to the Ibra markets, but also due to increasingly common inter-tribal marriages. Expatriate tailors, television and tourism are also exposing women to different fashions from further afield altering the traditional practices here.